Tony Chocolonely

To me it is weird. That a brand that does everything well, is undervalued next of brands that gain their cacao trough slavery. Underpaid people. Why is it that we still tend to buy that what we know isn’t good, just because..?

Honestly, I can answer this myself. Because I still sometimes buy other brands. And it is a matter of luxury. Which I know is a poor excuse and it is just an excuse because it can be my excuse. Because the options are there and you don’t see the consequences. It makes it easier to make an option out of your personal preference beside doing what is best for everyone else.

I buy Tony Chocolonely as often as possible (when I feel like eating chocolate) but I miss the praline tastes. That’s all. Perhaps the problem is so far away that it is difficult to realise which impact it can have to buy one of the wrong bars of chocolate. But because I know brands like Tony Chocolonely exist, what they do and why they do what they do, I more so often realise that whenever I am standing in store, I lean towards and eventually buy the Tony Chocolonely because of what they do.

Just please if they ever read this, make a praline version of the bars :(.

If you want to read about their mission and the impact they created;
Please click here.

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