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Tony Chocolonely

To me it is weird. That a brand that does everything well, is undervalued next of brands that gain their cacao trough slavery. Underpaid people. Why is it that we still tend to buy that what we know isn’t good, just because..? Honestly, I can answer this myself. Because I still sometimes buy o...Read More

Poacher turns into Wildlife Protector

In this video you can see an interview of a poacher who first hunted animals and logged down trees illegally. Who then became a Wildlife Protector, protecting what he took before, instead. Click here if you want to see it.

Jobs with an Impact

Sick of the usual jobs in which you feel like you are just sitting there to make money? When also aware of what money does to the world and where capitalism is going? Well, don’t feel bad about it as now there are alternatives popping out of the ground everywhere in which it shows we can all w...Read More

Zustaina Box

Zustainabox is a Dutch initiative. It started when Manon started to feel guilty about Polar Bears disappearing and her children swimming in not too clean and clear water. It shouldn’t and doesn’t has to be this way. Just, when you decide you want to live in a more sustainable way, where ...Read More

StixFresh All-natural stickers

StixFresh is an All-natural, safe sticker which keeps fruit fresh for up to 2 weeks longer. Peel and stick to the surface to keep your fruits around longer without spoilage. It is an initiative to prevent waste and create more sustainability. Want to see more? Click here

Objectively incubate strategic growth

Enthusiastically extend seamless experiences via e-business intellectual capital. Uniquely drive installed base systems before seamless alignments. Energistically pursue holistic resources rather than backend total linkage. Distinctively transition an expanded array of testing procedures and user fr...Read More

Completely strategize client-based niche

Collaboratively initiate efficient ROI without B2B customer service. Appropriately re-engineer user friendly services with strategic manufactured products. Credibly conceptualize interactive content through client-focused ROI. Proactively.

Intrinsicly streamline go forward internal

Interactively communicate standards compliant best practices for front-end ideas. Collaboratively aggregate parallel initiatives and enabled scenarios. Proactively provide access to extensive imperatives without integrated.